Show Points

Here is the newest points file.  The preliminary Grand and Reserve is marked in each division with purple for Grand and rose for Reserve.  They are preliminary until everyone has had time to review the points and any questions or concerns are answered.   Everyone has 10 days to review the points.  Points will become final on June 13th.  Thanksgiving Classic and State Spring Show were advertised as double points shows.  This was achieved by documenting the shows as two shows in the file.  The Thanksgiving Classic has been scored like this for 6+ years so that is why the State Spring Show will be scored in the same manner.   Please remember that for all division champions  and reserves that only the top 12 shows are counted.  In order to be awarded a division Grand or Reserve a member must attend at least 7 shows or score 70 points.

Here is the newest points file. Download here.

Here is the Final Awards. Download here.

  • Points Administrator for 2013 - Lisa Sigmon 870-423-8723
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