2016 AJCA Points

Below is the most current AJCA points file. All corrections have been made to the previous file and are represented in this new points file. All of these points are FINAL.

New points have been posted from the State Spring Shows and field days and any discrepancies have to be reported to the Points administrator (Lisa Sigmon) by midnight on Monday, June 13, 2016.

2016 AJCA Points 06_02_16

AJCA 2nd Annual Fitting Contest

11:30 am April 29, 2016

Arkansas State Fair Spring Livestock Show

Last year’s event was lots of fun!  Winners received great prizes!  Form your team now!

AJCA will host a Team Fitting Contest on Friday, April 29th in Little Rock at the Arkansas State Fair Spring Livestock Show.  Each team will consist of four individuals. Participants may or may not be members of AJCA.  One team member must be from each age division: ages 9 to 12; ages 13 to 14; and ages 15 to 20 (use contestant’s age as of October 1, 2015). The additional team member may be from any of the three age divisions.

Amigos Show Supply and Weaver will sponsor the awards for the members of the top three teams.  The deadline to register your team is April 23, 2016.  You may mail, email or text registration form to AJCA State Director at arkansasjrcattlemen@gmail.com 479.936.1685.

TEAM FITTING COMPETITION – Guidelines & Scoresheet 2016

Team Fitting Contest Entry Form

 New Member Guideline

At the August AJCA Board meeting the following new procedure regarding sanctioned show points was voted into place: 

After AJCA show point files are posted to the AJCA website, members have seven business days to dispute the report.  At the end of seven business days, the points for that reporting period become final.  Emails will be sent to members notifying them that a new point file has been posted.  Members who find an error must follow this procedure

A.  Contact the AJCA Point’s Administrator to report a possible discrepancy.
B.  Contact the particular show manager to resolve the discrepancy.
C.    Show management will contact the AJCA Point’s Administrator of any corrections.
D.  It is strongly suggested that the member follow up with the Point’s Administrator to assure the matter has been resolved.

Congratulations to Kylee Sigmon

She was selected to the National Beef Ambassador Team!

Kylee Sigmon - $1,800

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