The preliminary 1st and 2nd placing in each breed that qualified based on number of shows or points are highlighted.  AJCA Members have until midnight June 19, 2018 to report any discrepancies to AJCA Points Administrator – Lisa Sigmon at sigmonsimmentals@yahoo.com.

Point discrepancies such as calculation errors, omission of points, points in wrong breeds/divisions, etc. are reported to the Points Administrator – Lisa Sigmon.  Any other issues with points such as interpretation of rules/guidelines or perceived violations MUST be referred to the State Director – Michelle Rieff at arkansasjrcattlemen@gmail.com or 479.936.1685.

2018-AJCA-Points 06-05-18

Breeder of the Year applications are now due.

Applications must be postmarked by June 15, 2018.

Send applications to:

Lisa Sigmon, AJCA Points Administrator

1418 CR 708

Berryville, AR 72616

AJCA Breeder of the Year Award Application 2018

Reminders for exhibitors, parents and show managers for the remainder of the 2017-2018 show season: 

  1.  The issue of show ring assistance is not specifically addressed in AJCA Member Guidelines or AJCA Show Management Guidelines.  Assistance in the show ring by parents, siblings or other exhibitors is discouraged.  The exhibitor must be actively participating in the showing process (leading the animal, using a show stick). The AJCA State Director must approve any show ring assistance prior to the exhibitor entering the ring. This permission MUST be granted for each show, each weekend.  The State Director will notify the show manager of any exhibitors who are granted assistance.    

 2.  NO PARENTS are allowed in the ring.   The AJCA State Director must approve any situation that        would permit a parent to enter the ring. Permission MUST be granted for each show, each                    weekend.  The State Director will notify the show manager. 

*Statements #1 & #2 will be re-examined at the end of the show season.  A more definitive ruling may be put into place for next year’s show season. Please contact AJCA Board members to voice your opinions on this and other guidelines or rules pertaining to shows or awards before July 1, 2018.  

See ANNOUNCEMENTS TAB for specific show flyers, registration forms & judges – they are listed on the actual page!

See SHOWS TAB for the list of 2018 AJCA Sanctioned Shows or click here for the link!

2017-2018 AJCA Sanctioned Show List for publication


  • Registered heifers and bulls holding dual breed association papers (those that can be registered in multiple breeds) must declare a breed at their first AJCA show and remain in that breed for the duration of the animals show life. 
  • Once a heifer calves, she is no longer eligible to participate in AJCA sanctioned shows even if she meets the age requirements of 6 months to 2 years. 

The BILL DOROUGH MEMORIAL SHOW – to honor AJCA friend and longtime supporter, the second ring at the annual Thanksgiving Classic is now called “The Bill Dorough Memorial Show”.  This past November over $4,000 was raised for the BEEF BRIGADE.  Thank you to all participants.   This cause was very important to Mr. Bill.  During the Beef Brigade Bonanza Cattle Show held recently, an additional $700 was raised for Arkansas youth!

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CONGRATULATIONS AJCA SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS!         $14,600 in awards were presented to high school seniors.

Scholarship Award Press Release 2018

  • Zachary Andrews

  • Garrett Beggs

  • Paul Cole

  • Mallory Hobson

  • Dakota Jones

  • Bayleee Mangrum

  • Seth McCurley

  • Dalton Morrison

  • Colton Reeves

  • Allyson Sellers

  • Kaylie Stone

  • Mason Walker