2018 AJCA Board of Directors for publication

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Meet Your 2017 AJCA Youth Leaders

AJCA Group Photo 2017

AJCA Board (left to right): Zachary Andrews, President; Grace Harris, President Elect; Hailey Hilfiker, Secretary; Logan Sigmon, Treasurer; Ryan Lane, Area 1 VP; Gabbi Litchford, Area 3 VP; Baylee Mangrum, Area 4 VP; Jacob Tapley, Area 7 VP; Mackenzie Morrison, Area 8 VP; Emily Woodard, Area 9 VP. Not picturedKendon McAlister, Area 2 VP; Mallory Hobson, Area 5 VP; Blaine Wildy, Area 6 VP.

The Arkansas Jr. Cattlemen’s Association is led by a group of dynamic youth.  The board of directors consists of four officers and nine area representatives that are the same areas as the Arkansas Cattlemen’s Association.  These thirteen individuals are some of the best and brightest up and coming livestock leaders in the region.  We are both pleased and proud to have them building and directing our Association.

Zachary Andrews, seventeen years old from Camden, is serving this year as the AJCA President. AJCA allows Zachary opportunities to meet new people and network with other people who share his passion for livestock and Hereford cattle.  President Andrews has set a goal this year to increase participation in AJCA’s Super Saturday public speaking photography contests.  Zachary also wants to get to know more AJCA members.  He likes AJCA because it is more than just showing cattle. Involvement in AJCA promotes leadership throughout the cattle industry.

Grace Harris, sixteen years old from Horatio, is the AJCA President-Elect.  Grace enjoys her involvement in AJCA because it is a positive organization.  She says that AJCA has provided her with opportunities to move from her comfort zone to try new things.  Qualities that Grace admires in good leader is someone who makes a strong effort to involve others.  She says a good leader is one who makes members feel valued, like they belong, have a purpose and a place in the organization.  Grace’s goal for this year is to grow as a leader and to also improve her abilities as a showman.

Hailey Hilfiker, seventeen years old from Piggott, is the AJCA Secretary. Hailey’s goal this year is to be a good representative of AJCA and to increase membership.  Hailey’s livestock related goal is to continue to build her herd of Shorthorn cattle.  Hailey believes that AJCA offers its members many opportunities to grow and develop important life skills, leadership skills and social skills needed to be successful in life.  Hailey is a high school senior.  She will attend the University of Arkansas this fall majoring in pre-professional animal sciences.

Logan Sigmon, AJCA Treasure is sixteen years old and from Berryville.  Logan says he would encourage anyone to get involved in AJCA because it allows you opportunities to work with and get to know a great group of kids!  Being an AJCA member gives you opportunities to meet livestock people from all over the state.  Logan has an important job with AJCA in that he is leading the effort to secure AJCA sponsors.  The goal for this year’s sponsorships is $12,000.  Logan has set a leadership goal to be elected president-elect at the end of this year.  His show goal is to earn the Supreme Overall Bull in the Top 5 competition.  He is off to a solid start on all of his goals for 2017!

Ryan Lane, fourteen years old, is from Siloam Springs.  Ryan is the Area 1 Vice President.  Ryan admires a leader with strong people skills.  He enjoys his involvement with AJCA because the organization allows him to spend time with his friends, meet new people and travel to new places all while doing something he loves – showing cattle.  Ryan is excited about all the leadership opportunities he will have his year on the AJCA board.

Kendon McAlister, of Berryville is the Area 2 Vice President.  Kendon is ultra-enthusiastic about showing cattle.  He is like a sponge soaking up advice and techniques from those he admires and respects.  Kendon is willing to learn new things.  The leadership quality that best describes Kendon is passionate.  Kendon is passionate about showing cattle.  He is passionate about life.  His passion for his responsibilities and for showing livestock will greatly benefit AJCA and serve him well in all his future endeavors.

Gabbi Litchford, thirteen years old, lives in Horatio.  Gabbi is the Area 3 Vice President. Gabbi loves being a part of AJCA.  She encourages anyone who shows cattle to become an AJCA member.  In AJCA, Gabbi says everyone has a place! Gabbi’s goal for this show season is to be in the hunt for the overall high point showman.  This year Gabbi plans to focus on positivity.  A quality she admires in a leader is integrity.

Baylee Mangrum is sixteen years old and from Paragould.  Baylee serves as the Area 4 Vice President.  Qualities Baylee admires in a good leader are strong organizational skills, being able to stay on task and someone who will interact with others.  Baylee’s goal for this year is to be as helpful to others.  Baylee encourages everyone who shows cattle to join AJCA.  She says joining the association will change your life for the better simply because of all the friends you will make.

Mallory Hobson is sixteen years old.  She is from Fouke.  Mallory is the Area 5 Vice President.  Mallory loves exhibiting her cattle.  AJCA provides Mallory with many opportunities both to develop her leadership skills and to network with likeminded youth and adults.  Mallory can always be counted on to do her part and more at AJCA activities.  The leadership quality that Mallory exhibits and admires in others is that of a “worker bee”.

Blaine Wildy is from Manila.  He is sixteen-years-old.  Blaine serves as the Area 6 Vice President.  Blaine’s personal cattle showing goal this year is to be more disciplined with his daily barn tasks.  Discipline will pay off as Blaine focuses on chasing banners!  Blaine values the time he is able to spend with his friends while at all the AJCA shows.  Blaine’s career goal is to graduate from college and then return to the family row crop farm but continue to build his cattle herd.

Jacob Tapley, Area 7 Vice President, is an eighteen-year-old high school senior from Greenbrier. Jacob says that being an AJCA member allows you to gain lots of experience and knowledge as you are provided opportunities to participate in the many AJCA sanctioned shows.  A strong work ethic is something Jacob admires most in a leader.  Jacob’s career goal is to become an agriculture teacher.

Mackenzie Morrison is seventeen years old.  She is the Area 8 Vice President who lives in Mountain Home.  Mackenzie says that AJCA has allowed her to have many friends, experience and learn new things all while having fun.  Mackenzie admires leaders who make others feel valued.  Mackenzie’s goal for this AJCA show season is to assist other livestock exhibitors.  She wants to help others get involved in showing cattle.

Emily Woodard is fourteen years old.  She is the Area 9 Vice President from Black Rock.  Emily enjoys attending all the AJCA shows.  She describes going to weekend shows as mini vacations.  Emily’s goals for this year are to become more involved in clubs and organizations in her school and community. Her show goal is to be in the top five for showmanship for year-end awards.  She plans a career teaching animal science.

In addition to these 13 outstanding leaders, twelve adults serve alongside the youth to advise and assist in carrying out the goals of the Association. AJCA is thankful for their service and many contributions.